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admin 08 December 2022 16:00 105
Oyuncu - admin

We're glad to have you here on Factions.net - one of the best up and coming servers for 2023 brining you the iconic Factions gameplay you remember from the 2010's with modern quality of life improvements and zero pay-2-win!

Please pardon the dust. We are still working on the website and other features but prioritizing the server itself at the moment. In the future we will have more forum categories, features, moderation, and more. Information about our upcoming beta period will start soon, likely in January 2023.

Feel free to make a free account and begin posting here on the forums!

See you all in game.

Kind regards,

IGN: Skeletons

(Owner of Factions.net)

08 December 2022 16:00
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